Humanity is losing the appreciation for the texture of life. Experiences are mostly lived through the eye, taste, or the ear, the three easiest channels to deceive. We are most susceptible to deceit through these openings — the overstimulation of images, MSG, unproductive thoughts, and words that lack coherence plague…

It is often quoted that, “you are not supposed to judge others.” This is nonsense. Sadly, it is usually cross referenced with a poorly interpreted proverb or biblical scripture. There is no biblical commandment that says “thou shalt not judge.” In fact in John 7:24 it states

“Judge not according…

Stop Ordering from the Kids Menu.

Fried chicken tenders, French fries, hamburgers, pizza, juice loaded with high fructose corn syrup, chocolate chip cookies, and many other unhealthy options are commonly listed under the kids menu. Aside from the massive generation of cavities and other degenerative outcomes of indulging in these…

Bryant Cohen

Rise above the noise. Apprentice | Author

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