4 Supernatural Benefits of Practicing Abstinence.

Bryant Cohen
5 min readOct 12, 2019


Floyd Mayweather is arguably the best boxer of all time. He may not be the ideal role model as it relates to life philosophy and humility, but one thing that cannot be denied is he is by far the best fighter each and every time he steps in the ring. His work ethic is unmatched and his intelligence in the ring is supreme. As you dive deeper into Mayweather’s fight preparation rituals, you’ll find that he practices abstinence to retain his “superpower”.

Sex is the most powerful creative force in the universe. It’s the practice by which two living beings come together to create another being. This sacred connection has been downplayed for the sake of fulfilling a bodily pleasure. We owe most of this thanks to pornography and contraception, but that is no excuse. Specifically, when a male climaxes during sexual activity he depletes his core and gives up his life force. This occurs during sex and masturbation. There are physical and psychological effects to giving up this life force. As a result, the mind is not as sharp, your balance and stability is lowered, your core strength is weakened, your energy level is lowered and it increases the desire for bodily pleasures, amongst other side effects.

These next few sentences will be a bit graphic but bare with me. Keep in mind what is occurring when a male reaches his climax. Men release semen in a forceful way to ensure that it gets to its destination, the female’s egg. The semen itself contains hundreds of millions of living sperm cells and is shot out using a force that is supplied by energy from the physical body and specifically the brain. That is why even in the animal kingdom when the climax is reached the male goes to sleep. He is depleted and cloudy in thought. Therefore the male with the depleted core is weaker and less vigilant than the male who preserves his life force.

Preserving this life force has unbelievable powerful benefits to males, both physically and mentally. There are many examples throughout history of men who have abstained from sex intentionally or as a result of isolation and because of it have exercised superpowers in their thinking and physical lives. Russel Wilson, Malcolm X, Andy Warhol, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Thoreau, and Muhammad Ali are all examples of how abstinence empowers you to exercise the creative superpower within yourself. This is why:

  1. Abstinence increases Core Strength

Core strength is important for any athletic movement. Our core muscles keep us stable to withstand opposing forces, like gravity. Back pain and a number of other injuries are common as a result of weakened core muscles. While exercise strengthens these muscles, ejaculation depletes them. This decreases your ability to stabilize your body and activate the strength in your other muscles. With a weak core, the remainder of your body can’t be utilized at its maximum potential. This is why wise athletes manage their sexual life carefully. They know they have to retain their life force so they can maximize their physical power. The longer it is retained, the more explosive and powerful one has the potential to be.

2. Abstinence Improves Romantic Relationships

Sex can cloud our judgment. By practicing abstinence, you get an opportunity to see a person for who they really are. This is how you can really determine if you really enjoy someone’s company. It forces you to build a foundation on something real and sustainable instead of something passionate and temporary. Without sex, you have to understand one another on the deepest level. You won’t be able to sex all of your problems away. You’ll be forced to provide real solutions or make the decision to discontinue the relationship. If your desire is to be in a long-term relationship, abstinence is a practice that you should heavily consider. It will save you a lot of time and heartache. The exchange that occurs during sexual intercourse has spiritual implications that can affect your thought and material life. So choose wisely.

3. Abstinence Improves Discipline

We are biologically programmed to desire sex. It’s natural. But there are risks in taking the animalistic approach to sex-life management. If you entertain this desire without careful thought, you will find yourself creating a number of problems in how disciplined you are in other areas of your life. Anytime you deny the body it’s desire, you strengthen the mind's ability to govern your actions. This denial encourages careful thought before action, especially as it relates to lust. Lust, when acted on without wisdom can lead to long-term costs such as damaged relationships, unplanned children, divorce, prison, depression, and countless others. A special discipline is needed to contain sexual lust. You can only build that by exercising denial and setting a standard that you can actually stick to.

4. Abstinence Heightens Creativity

Our sexual desire can be converted into a weapon. Think about this. How creative do you become when sexual desire is at its peak? Your imagination becomes vivid, awareness increases, and you are motivated to pursue a source of sexual satisfaction diligently. Sometimes to a fault if we’re not careful. There is no denying the brain's connection to our libido and the length we will go to satisfy our sexual desire. But what if we took that same energy and transformed it for the sake of our creative lives? We would be better able to conceptualize and innovate ideas that we want to birth into existence. Sexual desire is natural. It is the force that is responsible for all life on earth. The key is not to deny that the desire exists, but rather to reframe from overindulgence and understand the creative power attached to our sex drive. When we are aware of our sexual energy and accept its presence, we can better use it to “birth” other ideas into existence.

Sex isn’t restricted in spiritual texts because it isn’t inherently evil. It is natural to be sexually driven. But if not properly understood, it can be destructive. Abstinence is not a practice exclusive to nuns, monks, and eunuchs. It can be used by each and every one of us in order to maximize our God-given creative power. We can take that same energy used to create life and produce results in our personal endeavors. We can achieve more if we spend our sexual energy wisely. Our sexual energy is like crude oil, a valuable and important natural resource. To maximize its power, we must refine it and use it to fuel productive creation in our thought and creative lives.